How many apps you use,
that log your life?

I used around 10 apps actively!

My life log dissected in 10 different places: sports, habits, diary, traveling, pictures, work, events, todos, ...


I wanted it in one place!

Structured. Flexible. Evaluable. Printable. Tangible. 

Here you go: Nuggets - Your life log.


Nuggets is good for 

  • travelers (keeping locations, tracks and experiences), 
  • sailors (tracking charter infos, maneuvers, harbors), 
  • parents (tracking heights, weights, moods and pictures), 
  • working people (work hours, achievements, issues, milage), 
  • people in pain (writing a pain log, tracking symptoms), 
  • people in joy (tracking moods and gratitude), 
  • athletes (tracking exercises, repetitions, durations, jogging tracks), 
  • people ('just' writing a diary), 
  • picture lovers (logging a picture of the day)
  • forgetful (noting anniversaries, names, gifts)
  • women (keeping track of their period), 
  • men(keeping track of their bad habits), 
  • collectors (logging latest items, values), 
  • addicts (tracking alcohol, cigarettes, other vices), 
  • housekeeper (tracking money) 
  • misers and generous (tracking expenditures),
  • cooks (collecting recipes, pictures of meals),
  • body positives and negatives (tracking weight and nutrition)

and for everyone else. 

And for any combination of these.


Use Nuggets

  • If you don't need all the fancy features of the apps you use 
  • If you'd love a printed diary for yourself, but mind the effort
  • If you'd love a printed gift for your family and friends (without the really private stuff naturally)
  • If you - today - want to track this (or for a few weeks) and - tomorrow - want to track something completely different
  • If you want some archived memories about your life with the least possible effort
  • If your potentially annoyed being daily asked 'How are you today?'.
    Or don't like reminders like 'You have not been active since last week!


Help & support


22. February 2022

Nuggets 0.4.2 launched for iOS

As of today you can find Nuggets in the iOS App store for download.

Click here to view Nuggets in the app store.

11. January 2022
Closed beta ended

The beta test for iOS ended.

We are preparing the iOS launch for the first quarter of 2022 read more

20. October 2021
Closed beta started

Close beta test started for iOS.

If you want to try Nuggets read more


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