The Nuggets lifecycle

Choose a pattern

Patterns define what you want to log and how. 

Either choose the patterns you want to use from the catalog ...

Or build your own

... or build a pattern yourself!

You can use text, number, location, track, time, duration, stopwatch, timer, lists, icon sets, images, and many more in your patterns.

Create nuggets,

A nugget is a pattern with date and time. And all the other info you add. 
Your log a nugget in your Storyline by choosing a pattern. The nugget is stored for that date and time. If you choose so, you can complete it or use its function like a track or stopwatch.

use them

Nuggets have some fun features like toggles, groups or aggregations (if you want to quantify your life). 

and print them

Nuggets can be searched and filtered and exported and imported and archived and last but not least printed...