Nuggets automatically logs my life

Nuggets minimizes the effort needed to document my  life.   
Nuggets tracks my location and creates a heat map of the places I were.
Nuggets synchronizes with my calendar, my sports tracker, my health data, even with my social media apps and any other app that is part of my life.

I use Nuggets on any device

I use the Nuggets app on my mobile to log my life on the go.
The Nuggets web access is more convenient to add longer text .
My data is securely stored in the cloud. Encrypted. 

The Nuggets community shares pattern and selected Nuggets

The Nuggets community shares patterns for free.  
In the community I find inspirations about things I want to log and creative ways to do so.
Sometimes I share a pattern and inspire other users with my story around that specific pattern.

Lately I started to share selected Nuggets via my social media channels.