How to use a Nugget (aka Entry)?

Fine, you created your first Nugget, let's say a note. Really nice. But is there anything more to it?


Date & Time

The Nugget belongs to that date that you chose in the calendar.

The Nugget got the time of that moment, when you created it.


Open & Closed

The Nugget is usually open (or expanded) when it was created. 

To close (or collapse) the Nugget you can tap the header (anywhere but on the three dots). 

To open it again, tap the header again.

If you want to open or close all Entries of that day you'll find a function for that in the 3-dot-menu in the upper right corner of the Storyline.


The toggle

Every Nugget has a toggle. The Toggle is usually not visible. 

If you double tap the icon of the Nugget, the toggle will get visible. Usually as an amber circle.

If you double tap the icon again, the toggle will change its color. Usually it'll become green.

If you double tap the icon again, you guess right, the toggle disappears again.

You want a pattern to show a specific color when a Nugget is created? You can define that in the configuration of every pattern. 

And you don't like amber and green as toggle colors? You can change the colors here: Settings / Colors / "Toggle (visible) color" and "Toggle (checked) color" (PRO feature).


Change the time or delete the Entry?

In the 3-dot-menu in the header of the Entry you find many more functions:

You  can add a comment (PRO feature).

You can change the time

You can share the Entry via the Share function of you mobile. Usually the text (or a summary) of your Nugget is shared. Depending on the apps you use you might send the content of the Nugget as mail, via WhatsApp or you can copy the content to the clipboard.

You can clone the Entry. A new Entry is created as a clone of that Entry. In Settings / Storyline / "Clone entry with content" you can define if the current content should be cloned as well. A handy function if you create a lot Entries of the same Pattern.

You can delete the Entry. Better save than sorry: There's a confirmation dialog.


If you want the Storyline to only show Entries of that Pattern (the one of the Entry), then choose "Filter pattern".  

And finally, if you don't like the design, naming, icon or whatever else about the Pattern, choose "Change pattern" and Nuggets will take you to the configuration of that pattern.