What are the PRO features?

Edited on 13th of January 2022: Every feature you find mentioned below is NO LONGER a PRO feature. All these features are free.  Only one feature remains a PRO feature: Auto Logging. 


Here are the features that used to be PRO feature but are not PRO any more ... 

  • Named Filter
    Saving active filters as Named Filter and being able to select the filter by its name.
    This way you don't  need to set up the filter criteria again and again.
  • Printing to PDF
    Nuggets lets you select which pattern in which range of dates you want to print. You can additionally set the paper format, orientation, count of columns for you content and much more. Nuggets creates a PDF document, that you may archive or print and share.
  • Components
    The 'Count since' component lets you count the days in a period (days, weeks, month, etc.) that a Nugget was repeated. You might use this component, if you want to count the weeks that you managed to practiced yoga once a week, or the days, that you managed to not drink alcohol.
    The 'Markdown' component lets you format text with markdown. Currently it's not possible to print this text in a formatted form.
    The full screen editing of text is also a PRO feature.
  • Comments
  • You can add text comments to all entries. They amend an entry with additional information. They are shown and printed in a chat bubble. You might use them for example to add information to your todos,  or describe how a meeting was.
  • Grouped entries
    In case you use some patterns very often, and they clutter the storyline, you can group the entries of this pattern. The entries are only grouped in the storyline. They are not grouped  in the PDF printout.
  • Coloring
    With PRO you can select individual colors per pattern or groups of pattern.