Full screen maps

You will see a full screen map, if you tap on 

  • a location
  • a track or 
  • a heatmap 

Close the fullscreen map by clicking on the 1st button in the top left corner.


You can move, zoom and rotate the map with two-finger gestures. 


You will see an Open Streep Map. In case you're a PRO, you'll see Google Maps.

If you see Google Maps, the 2nd button will indicate the option the change the layers of the map. Continuously click on the button and the type of the map will change between normal, satellite, terrain and hybrid. 


In case you see a location you will also see a crosshair button. 

The button enables you to change the location to another location you choose from the map. 

Click the button, and the button will change into a text "Tap on new location". 

Move and or zoom the map to the new location.

Tap on the map at the new desired location you want to safe. 

The location marker will change to the new position. 


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