Different ways to track your practice

You finally took a resolution to practice more. Or your doctor told you to do so. Or it's just your aching back who indicated this. 

And you want to track your effort, to be proud about it. But you were not able to find an app that suits your needs.

Nuggets might help. Here are some (not all) options how you can track any sports activity with Nuggets:  


You practice yoga, calisthenics or gymanstics or anything else and you want to track the duration of the excercise? You might use a stopwatch. 


The example pattern in the picture is named "Jogging (SW)". Naturally you can have patterns named as you like. And as many as you want: "Gym", "Yoga", "Sports", "Boxing", ...


If you want to, the stopwatch will start the moment you add this entry. You can stop it, restart and reset it.   


Personally I do use comments to take a (diary like) note about what I did. Comments belong to an entry.


When I go the the gym, I note the excercises, repetitions and count of sets.  Actually it helps me to recall my sequence and get an impression about how I'm doing.


You can add any count of comments. Change and delete them. 

A tag

You do have a very specific reoutine and don't need to measure the time? You just want to note that you followed your routine and did it! Then use a pattern with just the name of whatever it is and no additional information. In Nuggets we call this a tag.


The example in the picture shows a tag for meditation. 


And sure: You might add comments here as well.      

Counting numbers (or weight, or reps, or ...)

Let's get back to the gym. You're pretty serious about your performace and you want to track single excercises? No problem! You can set up a pattern counting weight and repetitions (and sets and ...). 

And sure, you can report about your excercises or export, or print, or archive.

Counting days (or weeks, or months, ...)

You started a challenge to practice every day (or once every week)? Nuggets can help with that as well. You can choose the period (days, weeks, months, quarter or year) and each entry counts the subsequent entries of that pattern in this period.

Combination of different ways to track an excercise

You want to count the subsequent days you excercised and measure the duration? You can use different patterns to add these information seperately to your storyline, or you can combine these infos into one pattern.  


You're a bike maniac? Jogger? Hiker? You might track your sessions with a track, showing your whereabouts and measuring duration, distance and average speed.  

And there are more options to track your excercises.

I was always annoyed with the restrictions of other apps.

With Nuggets you have the flexibilty to track your life in the way you want. 

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