Patterns, entries, catalog, pool and storyline explained

A pattern defines how an entry in your diary looks like, which information it can carry and how it behaves.

Find patterns by tapping on Patterns and choose Catalog or Pool.


An entry in your diary always belongs to one pattern. It has a date and a time. And whatever information you add.  

Find all your entries by tapping on Storyline.    


Patterns in Catalog and Pool

Nuggets comes along with a ready-to-use set of patterns to choose from. You find all patterns in the Catalog. If you select a pattern in the Catalog the pattern gets part of the Pool.


Only the patterns in the Pool are available in the Storyline to create new entries for your diary. Why? Adding an entry to your diary should be as quick as possible. Choosing from an as-short-as-possible list helps. Tip: Keep the Pool as small as possible.


Entries in the Storyline

Here you write your diary. Tap on the squirrel, the + or the storyline button at the bottom to add an entry. A list of all patterns from the Pool will popup. Select one pattern and your entry is created. 



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